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SOAR Regional Arts is a nonprofit organization, the purpose of which is to enrich, educate, and entertain the communities of St Michael, Otsego, Albertville, Rogers, and beyond by providing an exceptional performing arts experience.  
We believe in....

~ Community: We work hard to represent ourselves in the communities we serve: St Michael, Otsego, Albertville and Rogers. This means forming partnerships and collaborations with other arts programs and local businesses to ensure the arts are available to all.

~Participation: We provide encouragement for all levels of participation. On stage, behind the scenes, volunteering, or in the audience. All areas are essential to the success of SOAR’s productions and programs. EVERYONE is needed to make this work.

~Inclusion: We are committed to reaching out to the participants, patrons, and volunteers to reflect not only the community that we currently serve, but the community we hope to be. We strive to provide affordable programs both as participants and patrons in our community. Most importantly, we provide a supportive environment where everyone is welcome and each person’s part is what makes the production a success. We are committed to equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. 

~Learning: We provide life-long learning opportunities for people of all ages through the performing arts. We hope to inspire others in learning both on stage and off, providing life skills in the midst of creative fun!

~Excellence & Artistic Integrity: We continually strive to achieve excellence in all of our programs as well as to maintain the artistic integrity of our productions to the highest standards possible. As with any organization, there are always opportunities for learning and growth, so our goal as we continue forward is to bring the best of what we’ve learned forward with us. 

~Leadership: We seek to play a role as a community leader by modeling a successful, yet responsible organization. We seek to develop leaders within our organization through training and education programs such as TAG (Teen Advisory Group).

~Financial Management: We know being a non-profit can have its challenges, but we at SOAR are committed to operating our organization in a financially responsible manner to ensure our longevity.

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Terrell Beaudry, President
Debra Bishop, Vice President
Jamie Reznicek, Treasurer
Ellen Beaudry, Secretary
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