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What is SOAR Academy?

SOAR Academy is comprised of a team of passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced people who empower our youth to achieve their full potential by providing a culture that is friendly and supportive of all ages and abilities.  

We strive to produce high quality productions promoting boundless educational opportunities that exhibit artistry and professionalism.

For Youth:

-You will have FUN!
-You will be ENERGIZED!
-You will explore your CREATIVITY and unleash your TALENTS!
-You will LEARN and GROW!
-You will PERFORM!
-You will gain CONFIDENCE!
-You will make awesome FRIENDS!

For Families:

This invaluable program offers a safe, nurturing environment that encourages personal development, responsibility, and teamwork.

SOAR Academy strives to exceed the regular theater experience by having your children engage in “Beyond the Stage Sessions”. No more sitting around and waiting for your turn to go on stage. These sessions will be led by qualified individuals and offer a wide variety of educational enrichment in addition to regular rehearsals. Skills that are gained through SOAR Academy not only apply to the Performing Arts, but can be utilized in all facets of life.

January 25th: 5:00pm-6:30pm and 7pm-8:30pm
January 26th: 5:00pm-6:30pm and 7pm-8:30pm
January 28th: 6pm-8:30pm

St. Michael Middle School West 
​11343 50th St NE
Albertville, MN 55301

We strongly encourage you NOT to choose a song from Peter Pan Jr. 

Please come to the audition prepared with a song of your choosing. We will have an accompanist available to you at auditions. If you do not have a song prepared, then you are welcome to sing Happy Birthday followed by a vocal range check by the musical conductor.  Finally, please dress in comfortable clothes and be prepared for movement. 

Directed by Jeff Anderson
Choreographed by Gabrielle Dominique
Music directed by Mary Ann Boniface
March 19th @ 7pm
March 20th @ 2pm
March 20th @ 7pm
March 21st  @ 2pm
March 21st  @ 6pm

Performance times will be dependent on if SOAR meets minimum participant registrations to double cast the show. If SOAR double casts the show, then we will post additional times for the shows on those same days.
REHEARSAL & TECH - Tentatively St. Michael City Center & STMA MSW
Rehearsals Dates: 
February 1st-March 11th
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday's 

Tech Week: 
March 13-March 18th: TBD

March 19th-March 21st

Each cast will be required to rehearse three days a week. Due to this year's plan, the rehearsal days available are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Each cast will rehearse on three of those days and will depend on if we meet the minimum participant registration number of 25 for each cast. 
Click the button to register!
This year's SOAR Academy's production of Peter Pan Jr. will be fully double cast as long as we meet a minimum participant registration. What does that mean to be double cast? SOAR Academy will have essentially two productions of Peter Pan running simultaneously. There will be two of every single part in the show. The minimum registrations needed will be 25 participants. Families will be in the same cast. This a great opportunity for the participants of SOAR as this will open the door for more students to have roles than ever before in past productions.