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Auditions slots will be for 1.5 hours please plan to stay for the entire slot but you may be released early.

July 16th/ 10:00am-4:00pm
July 17th / 1:00pm-5:00pm
July 18th / 4:00pm-7:00pm

Special audition date arrangements can be made if approved by production staff.  Please email for further details. 

July 18th / 7:00pm-9:00pm

Location for Auditions and Callbacks:
St Michael City Center
11800 Town Center Dr
St Michael, MN 55376
Not all cast members are called to every rehearsal or for the entire rehearsal time (6:00pm-10:00pm). A detailed schedule will be posted after auditions. 

Rehearsals Dates: 
August 1st-September 9th

Tech (all cast expected to be present)
September 10th-15th

September 16th-18th and September 23rd-25th

September 25th after performance
Age ranges listed are only to help guide you. If you are not within the range but feel you can play the age described you can still register to audition.
Gomez Addams, Stage Age: 35-55, Vocal Range: Bb2 - G4
A suave man of Spanish descent who adores his wife and children and takes immense pride in being an Addams. Gomez finds himself trapped between his daughter and his wife, being forced to hide Wednesday’s big secret from Morticia. He has great comedic timing and is a strong dancer. Spanish accent is a plus!

Morticia Addams, Stage Age 35-55, Vocal Range: G3 - Bb5
The beautiful, leggy and mysterious head of the Addams family who believes strongly in family tradition. Morticia is unnerved thinking that Gomez is hiding something from her. She is confident and sexy with a side of dry wit. She is a strong mover (tango skills a plus!)

Wednesday Addams, Stage Age: 18 - 22, Vocal Range; A3 - E5
Gothic big sister Wednesday who has her father’s heart and her mother’s sensibility falls in love with a “normal” boy who she brings home to meet the family. Wednesday is trying to balance her relationships with “strange” family with that of her new love and his “normal” family. Wednesday showcases compassion, a bit of stubbornness and strong will. She has a strong belt.

Pugsley Addams, Stage Age 10 – 13, Vocal Range: A3 – F5
The youngest of the Addams Family, Pugsley loves to be tortured by his big sister. He is lost trying to figure out his place now that she has a new boyfriend and family dynamics are changing. Pugsley is charming and funny, ideally with an unchanged singing voice.

Uncle Fester, Stage Age: 30-50, Vocal Range; C3 – G4 (optional C5)
Serving as the narrator of the show, Uncle Fester is lovable, childish, enthusiastic and highly incorrigible. Fester has great comedic timing and a tenor voice. Ukulele skills a plus!

Grandma, Stage Age: 102, Vocal Range: G4 – F5
Fun, quirky and feisty, Grandma always has a trick up her sleeve. Grandma is wise, wacky and sometimes a bit crass. She has great comedic timing and physicality.

Lurch, Stage Age: 25 – 50, Vocal Range: Eb2 – E4
A man of few words, Lurch is the Addams Family butler. His unmistakable commanding presence is accented by grunts, moans and deliberate movement. Must have great non-verbal story-telling abilities (think: facial expressions and sound). Lurch has a rich bass voice.

Mal Beinecke, Stage Age 35 - 55, Vocal Range: C3 – A4
The uptight and father of Lucas and cold-shouldered husband to Alice, cynical Mal meets the Addams with skepticism. He finds the Addams to be too bizarre for his liking and cannot fathom being related to them.

Alice Beinecke, Stage Age: 35 -55, Vocal Range: Ab3 – G#5
Lucas’s mother and Mal’s wife, Alice is strongly devoted to her family. She presents herself as reserved and collected (even when speaking in rhyme) until she learns to unleash her wild side at dinner with the Addams. She is a strong comedic actress with a strong belt.

Lucas Beinecke, Stage Age : 18 - 22, Vocal Range: C3 – C5
The hopeful romantic and son of Alice & Mal, Lucas has fallen in love with Wednesday and intends to marry her. He is optimistic and hopeful yet struggles to find the balance between his ‘normal’ family and the macabre Addams. Strong singer.

The Ancestors, Stage Age: 18+, All Vocal Ranges, Male & Female
The Addams ancestors from various eras serve as the chorus for the show and help bring the story to life. They will be featured both singing and dancing throughout the entire show (once relapsed from the family crypt!). Seeking actors with both vocals and dancing abilities.

The Ancestor Children, Stage Age: 5 – 13, Vocal Range SA (Unchanged Voices)
We will be casting two children as Ancestors to double as Thing and Cousin It.

THING & COUSIN ITStage Age: 5 – 13, Vocal Range SA (Unchanged Voice)
Iconic Addams Family members, Thing & Cousin It will weave in and out as the story unfolds. No speaking necessary. Must be comfortable with tight spaces! Will double as ancestor children.

Please note that contrary to what the SOAR Audition FAQ link states about age, SOAR will be auditioning ages 5 and up for this production.  There are roles for 5 year olds.